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Check Transaction Status


Check the status of your Bitcoin transaction here by entering your Ghost Mixer ID.

At Ghost Mixer, we strive to make each step of the mixing process as seamless as possible, so you can continue to enjoy the perks of using anonymous Bitcoins without your funds getting tied up in the system for very long during each transaction.

We have made our Bitcoin mixing platform decidedly simple to use—this, despite having an algorithmically complex system under the hood, to ensure that each coin you receive is fresh and untainted.

Each Bitcoin mixing transaction made using Ghost Mixer takes about 30-60 minutes to complete. The system always has pre-mixed Bitcoins on reserve to help close transactions faster. Check Bitcoin transaction by using the Ghost Mixer ID provided by the system so you will know the status of your coins. This is especially useful if in the event that your browser crashes during the tumbling process. Our mixing process is automated and will continue automatically once the participation fee is paid, despite the crash. All you need is your Ghost Mixer ID to verify the status of your transaction; otherwise, you can simply start a brand-new process to mix your coins once your browser is up.

Ghost Mixer services are accessible via Tor or through our Clearnet domain. Always use the recommended Tor URL, http://gmixer4h7e5fjmih.onion/~gmixer/ to access our services to avoid fake sites and phishing scams.

Should you have any problems or issues using our tumbling service, you may contact us through our website by filling our contact form. A representative will attend to your concern promptly.