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Buy Bitcoin

There are many ways that you can buy Bitcoin instantly. There are Bitcoin purchase sites that make it easy for users to create a wallet or a BTC address where they can “store” (or assign a private key to) the coins they buy using traditional currency. You may use your credit card, debit card, or facilitate a bank transfer to buy Bitcoin through a digital exchange service. This, however, may create an inevitable link between you and the Bitcoins you buy, especially since most Bitcoin exchanges require personal ID and verification when making an instant Bitcoin purchase. This hurts your anonymity and puts you at risk of becoming a target of hackers who may take an interest in the amount of Bitcoin you have stored.

To maintain your anonymity and privacy when using Bitcoins, it is advisable to send them to a tumbling service like Ghost Mixer, which intercepts the connection between you and the Bitcoin you buy and/or transact with. Ghost Mixer is a leading coin tumbling service that uses an advanced mixing algorithm in order to obscure the history of Bitcoin purchases and transactions. This way, you can buy Bitcoin and participate in other related transactions with a higher level of anonymity than using Bitcoin directly from your account to buy or make payments online.