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Block chain Anonymity

There are many misconceptions surrounding blockchain anonymity. For one, most people think that Bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous—an understandable assumption because of the digital currency’s pseudonymous nature. However, Bitcoin isn’t perfectly anonymous. In fact, transactions are verily traceable through the blockchain. You can never completely achieve true blockchain anonymity, but higher levels of anonymity are definitely possible with the help of Bitcoin mixers and other strategies that contribute to Bitcoin privacy and confidentiality.

Ghost Mixer contributes to a user’s blockchain anonymity by confusing Bitcoins’ digital signatures. While the blockchain keeps track of all Bitcoin transactions, thus providing people a way to trace supposedly anonymous transactions back to a specific source, blockchain anonymity can be preserved with the help of our coin mixing service. We safeguard your blockchain anonymity and Bitcoin privacy by mixing thousands upon thousands of Bitcoin transactions, effectively obscuring their origins and blurring their histories. This makes it virtually impossible for even the most in-depth blockchain analysis to trace Bitcoin origins because connections between Bitcoins and their sources/destinations are effectively rubbed out.

Ghost Mixer offers blockchain anonymity, which translates to greater privacy and security while using Bitcoin for purchase and investment transactions. With over 2000 pre-mix Bitcoins on reserve, you are sure to get new coins with every mixing cycle.