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Bitcoin Mixing Service

Bitcoins are traceable within the blockchain network, which is why you need a blocking info mixer to sever the link between the old address from which your Bitcoin was sent and the new destination address. What a Bitcoin mixing service generally does is to confuse the link between original Bitcoin transactions and the Bitcoin’s final address. A BTC mixer is useful for protecting your privacy when using Bitcoins. Employing a Bitcoin mixing service prevents other people or entities from tracing your Bitcoin activities, payments, and transactions on the web.

Ghost Mixer is a well-designed crypto mixer that maintains a large reserve of some 2,000 coins with varied histories. Using our Bitcoin mixing service means mixing your transactions with countless other Bitcoin transactions, so you can keep fresh sets of untraceable Bitcoins in your own reserve or for making anonymous payments and purchases online. Our Bitcoin mixing service keeps pre-mixed coins ready so users can enjoy a faster turnaround. Ghost Mixer also marks Bitcoins with the help of a specially designed algorithm that helps ensure that all Bitcoins sent to users are unique and are not sent from the same wallet. This increases the level of anonymity that our Bitcoin mixing service provides.