Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin is the currency of the future and the future is now for many investors who have long taken an interest in the brand-new asset class. Bitcoin investment opportunities are soaring not only because of the rising value of cryptocurrencies, but also because of their increasing accessibility. A Bitcoin investment is also an attractive prospect because it involves currency that is censorship resistant—meaning, no bank can terminate your account or block your payments. Bitcoins can likewise be sent from any part of the world to anywhere else, without having to worry about huge fees as they exist virtually and can very easily be sent from one Bitcoin wallet to the next.

When your Bitcoin investment starts taking off and earning good profit, such as by trading in an exchange, keeping your Bitcoins untraceable becomes a priority. Shielding your Bitcoin investment from prying eyes is a matter of keeping your transactions anonymous.

Apart from using multiple wallets to keep your funds, shaking the trail of those taking an interest in your BTC balance through the blockchain is possible through Ghost Mixer’s service. Bitcoin mixing via Ghost Mixer allows you to stay anonymous by confusing the trail of your Bitcoin investments and obscuring the history of your coins.