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Bitcoin Blender

A Bitcoin transaction offers only surface anonymity. The pseudonymous addresses and wallets that you use to send, transfer, or receive Bitcoin is potentially identifiable once your pseudonymous cover is blown. This is why you need a Bitcoin blender service like Ghost Mixer to sever the ties between you and the Bitcoins you send and receive. Long-term Bitcoin users would periodically use bit blenders to make sure that they remain untraceable.

A Bitcoin blender enables greater privacy for Bitcoin users. BTC blender services work by taking a user’s Bitcoin into their pool of thousands other Bitcoin transactions, mixing their histories together to make it harder to determine the actual history of each coin.

Ghost Mixer is a leading Bitcoin blender service that routes Bitcoin transactions so they can achieve a great level of obfuscation. This makes it extremely difficult for another person or entity to trace Bitcoins back to its users, even through a deep analysis of blockchain records.  This Bitcoin blender guarantees safe mixing of your Bitcoin funds so you can remain untraceable through the blockchain.

Use a Bitcoin blender whenever making a Bitcoin transaction in order to cut the trail of your Bitcoin history and prevent your previous transactions from pointing back to you, your Bitcoin sources, and your Bitcoin destinations.