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Anonymous Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin anonymity is something of a controversy not only because of the shady economics that it drags with it, but also because of Bitcoin’s lack of absolute confidentiality. Even the best bitcoin exchange platforms cannot provide you with true anonymity due to the fact that every BTC transfer and transaction record is stored in the blockchain. You can send Bitcoin anonymously and you can even buy BTC anonymously, but for a Bitcoin transaction to be truly anonymous, you need a mixing service that can provide you with anonymous Bitcoins to send through your transfer transaction.  

One of the main draws of Bitcoin has always been the anonymous nature of every transfer made. Although personally-identifying information is not necessarily recorded in the blockchain, this transaction log can be used to analyze activities made using specific wallets and addresses. Successful analysis can potentially expose an anonymous bitcoin transfer, which can cause a major breach to a user’s privacy and supposed anonymity.

Ghost Mixer helps keep Bitcoin transactions anonymous by confusing the trail between a compromised transaction or transfer and its anonymous participant. Ghost Mixer combines transactions with several other transfers, which makes it extremely difficult to track down the true history of a Bitcoin transaction.