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About Bitcoin

Bitcoin offers a good level of anonymity, but it is not fully anonymous. It can really only provide “pseudonymity” as it allows users to keep their transactions private by maintaining a Bitcoin wallet or address that is in no way linked to their real-world identity. Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto himself advises users to create multiple addresses to help preserve privacy while making payments, investments, transfers, or purchases with Bitcoin. To further improve the privacy of your BTC transactions, you can also use a Bitcoin mixing services like Ghost Mixer.

A Bitcoin mixer script is a unique system or algorithm that mixes your coins with previously sent coins from other users or within the service’s reserve so that the connection between your BTC wallet and your coins can be terminated—or at the very least, blurred beyond recognition—even when experts look through your transaction histories in the blockchain.

The Bitcoin mixer script we use here at Ghost Mixer is unique. Each coin sent to us becomes digitally marked so that coins from one sender can never be sent back to them. This is the kind of attention to detail that you can expect when choosing to have your Bitcoins mixed here at Ghost Mixer.