Bitcoin Mixing Service


We are on a mission to make your transactions safer and untraceable while contributing towards privacy over the blockchain.


Randomized fee of 1-3%
Minimum deposit 0.01 Bitcoins, max 100


Let’s get ready to tumble!

It is our mission here at Ghost Mixer to keep your Bitcoin transactions safe, untraceable, and private. Bitcoin mixing is a critical step in attaining higher levels of privacy and anonymity while using cryptocurrency. Even though cyber currencies like Bitcoin are designed to help users stay anonymous as they make online p2p payments, purchase transactions, or donations, achieving absolute anonymity is difficult due to the fact that all transactions are recorded and publicly available through the blockchain (a comprehensive ledger of all Bitcoin transactions, which makes it easy to trace coins back to their source). This is where our mixer service comes handy.

Ghost Mixer is a trusted Bitcoin mixing service that acts as an intermediary between sender and receiver. A coin mixer service intercepts and anonymizes transactions so that they cannot be traced back to you. Bitcoin mixing obscures the history of each coin, by combining transactions with countless others, making it virtually impossible and extremely difficult for third parties to pinpoint its source.

By letting Ghost Mixer safeguard your transactions, you achieve true anonymity while enjoying all the benefits of using Bitcoins, such as smaller transaction and service fees and greater levels of privacy when making online purchases or sending money through BTC.

We charge a small transaction fee of only 0.0005 BTC and a randomized service fee of 1-3%--a small price to pay for the level of anonymity that our platform offers.

Like we always say, we take it upon ourselves to be guardians of your liberty, freedom, and privacy—and we are serious about keeping the BTC transaction anonymity of all our clients.  No other platform offers the same dedication to your BTC privacy and anonymity as Ghost Mixer.